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Unlock the traps and barriers that are holding you back with life and mindset coaching that helps you to live with intention, fulfilment and joy – whatever that may look like. 

Life and mindset coaching for when you need change...

Is there something in your life that you are struggling with right now? Your career, your relationships or perhaps even your overall purpose? Is there something holding you back that you know you need to change but you don’t know what to do to get unstuck? 

Let me help you. I’m Shirley, a life and mindset coach that helps you to delve into your inner world to go on a transformational journey for meaningful change. Whether you need to build your confidence, get support with a particular life issue or you have experienced trauma, my empathetic and pragmatic approach can help you to overcome your challenges and truly step into your power.

How I can help you...

Life and mindset coaching to help you to tackle life’s challenges and make the most of opportunities that you have in front of you.

Helping you to navigate your journey with relationships proactively – from marriage counselling to family coaching and IVF support.

The modern world puts a lot of strain on our mental wellbeing. I’m here to positively support you with your mental wellbeing.

If you have experienced trauma in your life then my therapeutic counselling approach can help you with learning to manage, and to heal for a positive outlook.

For important signposting to emergency services and free support, check out these external resources available to support when coaching or counselling is not appropriate.

Join like minded people who are looking for support with all things mental wellbeing and mindset. Hosted be me, my online community is packed with tips and discussions to join in with.


Shirley has helped me find my authentic self again.

Working with Shirley for the last year and a half has been an absolute blessing. I knew from the very first meeting that there was a connection between us.

She is everything you need in a coach; compassionate, empathetic and equipped with an arsenal of tools and a perspective which have been instrumental in me working through hardships in my daily life. She’s got a killer sense of humour too!

I now have a better understanding of who I am, how to recognise and manage my emotions, and how to set boundaries with those around me and keep to it! I have an insurmountable amount of respect for Shirley and am going to miss her greatly. Our sessions were always the highlight of my week, and I can’t recommend her enough!
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There are a lot of life and mindset coaches offering transformational services to people just like you, and it can feel confusing and a bit overwhelming establishing who is the best to work with. 

My point of difference is that I centre my business on you, and the results that you are looking to achieve. I believe deeply in a value driven approach to coaching and counselling that gives you the framework for fulfilment and happiness – whatever that may look like. Find out more about my purpose led approach…

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Elevate your potential and achieve success with expert mindset coaching tailored to your unique goals


Shirley's empathetic and comforting approach was unrivalled, and she listened and understood in a way I've never experienced before. She is so genuine and spoke from the heart, rather than a textbook and related to personal experience. I came away from every session reassured, with a smile on my face and an ever-growing 'toolbox' of coping mechanisms. I would recommend her to anyone (and have done!)


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Your Mindset Matters

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