Helping you with grief counselling is a privilege  where I can hold a dedicated space for you, offering compassionate support and guidance during some of your life’s most profound and challenging moments. Grief and loss are universal experiences, but each person’s journey through them is deeply personal. My mission is to provide you with the tools and understanding you need to navigate these complex emotions and find healing.

Healing Through Grief Together

GRIEF AND LOSS Counselling

My approach with grief and loss counselling is rooted in empathy, tailored to your unique experiences, and focused on guiding you towards healing. I firmly believe that it’s possible to find meaning and strength even in the midst of loss. Together we can explore your feelings, look at coping mechanisms and techniques to help you process what you have gone through and find a positive forward path for you to pursue.

Sympathetic Support


It's important to recognise that grief is a highly individual experience, and people may move through these different types of grief in their own unique ways. Seeking support and counselling can be helpful in processing and coping with the various forms of grief and loss...

Your Healing Journey...

Express Your Grief

Providing you with a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express your feelings, memories, and thoughts related to your loss.

Navigate Complex Emotions

Grief often comes with a range of emotions. I can help you make sense of these emotions and find healthy ways to cope.

Find Meaning and Resilience

We work together to explore ways to find meaning in your loss, build emotional resilience and look to a positive future.

“I started seeing Shirley after an ectopic pregnancy and realising that I just wasn’t coping with life anymore. My mental health was at an all-time low, I’d lost confidence in myself, and my work & personal lives were suffering.

Shirley was able to help me find myself again, to help me build my confidence back up and to help me to recognise that I deserve happiness. I looked forward to our sessions, and despite the emotional toil and tears, I always came away feeling lighter.”



Your Mindset Matters

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