Life Transitions Coaching

Whether you’re experiencing a significant change, a career shift, or a personal transformation, life transitions coaching can help you navigate these transitions with grace. We can embark on the transformative journey together to help you navigate life’s challenges…

For life's Rollercoaster...

Life Transition Coaching

When life gives you lemons – let’s make lemonade! I can be your trusted partner in times of change when you need that additional support. As a therapeutic coach, I can help you, whether you’re facing career shifts, relationship changes, retirement, or any significant life transition, my coaching is designed to help you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that transitions bring. Transitions can be a source of growth, transformation, and renewal but they can also be a time of disruption, fear and anxiety which can be difficult to manage. My compassionate and non-judgemental approach will be tailored to your exact needs to help you find the clarity and resilience you need to not just survive, but to flourish.


Develop the resilience needed to cope with change and through as a stronger person. 

Clarity and Adaptability

Gain clarity on your goals and the adaptability to navigate uncertain times.


Helping to use transitions as a catalyst for personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation.

Well Being

Helping you to achieve a sense of balance, well-being, and fulfilment during times of transition.

“Shirley helped me up my game to move my life forward. The biggest thing holding back was always lack of focus and tendency to procrastinate when it came to doing the hard things. Shirley helped me simplify and focus, understand what was really important, build a plan and then held me accountable for continuing to execute on the daily and weekly activities that would move me forward. Whenever I got off track, Shirley was there to remind me why I was doing this and bring me back on plan.

As a result of being coached by Shirley, my productivity has skyrocketed and I am hitting my income objectives for the first time!”



Your mindset matters. Book your complimentary 15 minute call today to find out if there is a connection between us; so that we can start your transformational journey…

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