Are you grappling with the relentless thoughts and compulsions that OCD can bring? I understand the frustration, the anxiety, and the overwhelming desire for relief. More than a coach, I’m your ally—a companion on this path to understanding, healing, and regaining control. Together, we can navigate the intricate landscape of OCD, working towards a future where you can experience peace and freedom once more.

Building a Bridge to Understanding and Healing


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health condition characterised by intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviours, and if you think you are affected by it, it can be seriously debilitating. I’ve worked with clients where it has significantly impacted their quality of life, relationships, and daily functioning.


Working together with OCD Coaching provides you with a forum for an understanding ear and developing coping strategies coupled with the emotional support, to help you manage your OCD effectively. My aim is to to improve the quality of your life and overall well-being, offering a path to peace and control.

Challenge OCD Patterns

Understand the patterns of OCD that could be overtaking your life, and take steps to break free from its grip.

Regain Control

Learn to manage and minimise obsessions and compulsions effectively so that you can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Rediscover Peace

Find serenity and clarity as you gradually release the hold that OCD has on your life so that you can finally flourish.

I first started seeing Shirley five years ago after a severe breakdown. Her non-judgemental and caring attitude allowed me to feel at ease working with her.

Over the years, she has helped me with a variety of challenges in my life, such as my recent ME diagnosis, navigating the world as an Autistic adult, and OCD, among other day to day situations which at times felt insurmountable.

Now, five years later, I’ve become much stronger, and I know the support she has offered me has had such an impact on that.

I’ve learned to better understand and trust myself, and know that I can face any future challenges that might come my way. I’ve learned that I have the inner resources to make the decisions that are right for me, and to love and respect myself for all my differences. 

Working with Shirley has helped me to move into a stage in my life where I can move ahead on my own.



Your Mindset Matters

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