Anger Management Coaching

Anger is a natural emotion, but when left unchecked, it can have a negative impact on your life and relationships. My mission is to empower you with the skills and insights to manage anger constructively, fostering healthier interactions and a more balanced life.

Transform Your Relationship With Anger

Anger Management Coaching

Empower yourself to navigate emotions and build healthier relationships when you take control of your temper.

Anger can be a catalyst for positive change when harnessed effectively, and it can be useful to reframe this in your mindset. My approach is built on empathy, emotional intelligence, and evidence-based techniques designed to help you understand the roots of your anger and triggers. Using this, I then help you to develop emotional regulation, to learn the practical strategies to manage and control anger in healthy ways.


Identifying the situations and factors that trigger your anger in a non-judgemental environment can help you with processing them more effectively.


Together we can explore and help you to learn how to respond to anger-inducing situations in more productive ways, to better utilise the energy.

Self Reflection

Gain self-awareness and reflection tools that allow you to analyse your emotions and responses that you give for a more balanced outlook on life.

Foster Healthier Relationships

Improve your interactions and form healthier relationships with family, friends, and colleagues that you can enjoy.

I only worked with Shirley for a brief few months. When I came to her, I was a very snappy, impatient, angry and defensive person in a very difficult time. From working with Shirley, I am a new person. I am now a calm, reasonable, happy, peaceful person, with no reason to lose my temper. I am so glad and feel very honoured that I had the opportunity to work with her.


I cannot recommend Shirley enough, she changed my life in more ways than I thought possible! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for working with me! From a very content mum with a whole new outlook on life!



Your Mindset Matters

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