Mental Wellbeing Coaching

Providing you with guidance, compassion, and expertise to support on your journey to mental well-being, whatever you are going through in life right now.

Mental Wellbeing Coaching

Charting a course towards a more fulfilling and mentally resilient life.

When you arrive at the realisation that mental health is a vital aspect of your overall well-being, you begin the journey to a truly fulfilling life where you can really flourish. My approach with mental wellbeing coaching is grounded in empathy, positive psychology, and evidence-based techniques designed to help you build resilience, enhance your emotional intelligence and find the balance you have been craving. 



Supporting Your Mental Wellbeing

Anger Management

Stress and anxiety

depression and low mood



I first started seeing Shirley five years ago after a severe breakdown. Her non-judgemental and caring attitude allowed me to feel at ease working with her.

Over the years, she has helped me with a variety of challenges in my life, such as my recent ME diagnosis, navigating the world as an Autistic adult, and OCD, among other day to day situations which at times felt insurmountable.

Now, five years later, I've become much stronger, and I know the support she has offered me has had such an impact on that. I've learned to better understand and trust myself, and know that I can face any future challenges that might come my way. I've learned that I have the inner resources to make the decisions that are right for me, and to love and respect myself for all my differences.

Working with Shirley has helped me to move into a stage in my life where I can move ahead on my own.


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