Signs you might need to see a Loneliness Coach

You may remember I posted a few months ago about how to cope with loneliness during public holidays, but for some people, loneliness doesn’t take a break, and it persists all year round, week after week, month after month. It’s exhausting and debilitating feeling any sort of negative emotion for long periods of time but loneliness can have some pretty devastating consequences not just for your mental health, but your physical health as well.


There are plenty of ways to combat feelings of loneliness, but sometimes you may need some extra support, especially if there are also other factors at play such as trauma, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem or a lack of confidence in yourself.


That’s where a Loneliness Coach, like me, can come in.


A Loneliness Coach will work with you to uncover what is causing you to feel lonely. For some people it may be easy to identify but for others, the reasons may be much more complex. Working with a Coach, in a safe environment will help you to explore your emotions and experiences, whilst offering you practical tips, takeaways and coping mechanisms to work on and keep in your toolbox for whenever those feelings of loneliness arise.


“I was lost in the sea of isolation, feeling like I’d never find my way back to connection and joy. Shirley’s guidance was my lifeline. Her compassionate coaching helped me see the beauty in solitude and, more importantly, how to forge genuine connections. I’m forever grateful for her support in helping me rediscover a life filled with meaning and fulfilment.”


So, with that said, I wanted to list out a few signs that might suggest it’s time to seek out professional help.


  • You have had persistent feelings of loneliness for a long time, and it isn’t getting any better
  •  You feel that you have lost important connections and relationships with those close to you
  • You have started to isolate yourself further and struggle to leave your home
  • You have lost your sense of joy for the things you would normally love to do
  • You are struggling to get enough sleep and take good care of yourself
  • You feel isolated even when surrounded by other people

If you agree with or resonate with any of these statements, don’t delay in reaching out to someone for help. Even just taking stock of where you are and acknowledging your feelings is a step towards eliminating those feelings of loneliness.


I understand that every individual’s experience with solitude is a unique tapestry, and my mission is to weave threads of empathy, positive guidance, and evidence-based strategies to help you to awaken the inner resilience in you so that you can embrace the world’s connection opportunities. Together we can help you to craft the skills and mindset necessary to cultivate genuine and enduring relationships, both with yourself and others. 

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